Video Conferencing for Education

Zoom in the classroom

HD Video and Audio

Exceptional clarity and quality for virtual and hybrid classes.

Security and compliance

Zoom enables FERPA/HIPAA compliance and provides 256-bit encryption.

Session recording and transcription

Record classes and lessons to allow students to learn at their own pace.

Enhanced collaboration features

One-click content sharing, real-time co-annotation, and digital whiteboarding.

Integrates seamlessly with LMS

Zoom supports integrations with Moodle, Canvas, Desire2Learn, Sakai, and Blackboard.

Accessibility for all learners

Ensure that everyone can participate equitably with closed captioning and keyboard shortcuts.

Zoom for Education

Video communications for collaborative classrooms

Zoom helps universities and schools improve student outcomes with secure video communication services for hybrid classrooms, virtual classrooms, facilities offices, administrative meetings, and more.

Maximize school resources

Utilize resources and hardware you already have to expand your capabilities.

Enrich teaching and learning

Expand traditional classrooms with video communications.

Improve student learning outcomes

Increase student participation and retention with virtual and hybrid classrooms.

Virtual and hybrid classes

Enhance and expand classes with powerful collaboration tools, including video breakout rooms, multi-sharing, polling, and group chats. Create and repurpose video content into easily-digested hosted videos that allow students to learn at their own pace.

Teaching & Learning

Content Sharing and Collaboration Guest Lectures Record and Share Classroom Sessions – Video Break-out Rooms & Polling.

Virtual Classes

Student-to-Student Collaboration Online and Hybrid Classes Synchronous Online Courses.

Student Engagement

Study Groups and Team Projects – Career Counceling – Office Hours

Professional Development

Professional Workgroups – Staff Training – Administrative and Staff Meetings

University Communication

HR/Admissions Interviews – Faculty Meetings – University Phone Services

Microsoft Teams

NYAV integrates professional audio visual conferencing equipment designed specifically for collaborative classrooms utilizing Microsoft Teams

Manage remote learning

Use Microsoft Teams from your desktop or on the web, on your iOS, Android, tablet, or laptop device.
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Barco Virtual Classroom

Distance learning and immersive collaboration via video conferencing are among the most powerful tools in modern education.

NYAV designs, sells and installs affordable, quickly deployable and fully scalable distance learning systems.

Our virtual classroom systems feature intuitive user interfaces and professional displays, cameras, speakers and digital whiteboard.

Collaborative Learning

Barco WeConnect

weConnect by Barco allows educational organizations to take the next step towards transformational distance learning. As the pace of digitization is accelerating every day, weConnect is an essential and reliable cornerstone of your remote learning strategy.  weConnect promotes active and collaborative learning, in a single classroom, or all over campus,  to both on-site and remote students.
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Digital Whiteboards / InGlass™ displays

Support active learning and enhance classroom management with educational Interactive touch screen displays

Classroom touch screens come in many different sizes and with different feature sets. NYAV takes the mystery out of the technology and allows teachers to focus on teaching and students to focus on learning. We carry interactive displays, digital whiteboards, and touchscreen displays by every major professional manufacturer on the market.


Lecture Hall Systems

Due to the growth in flipped and blended learning, even lecture style classrooms have had to evolve.

Today’s lecture hall AV technology supports multiple presentation sources, video annotation, livestreaming, webinars, recording for archival and distribution of digital content to locations across campus and the world.

Technology has made lectures more interactive by providing electronic voting systems and web conferencing. Digital whiteboards, or smartboards, are installed along the length of the room for small group collaboration.

Camera Systems

One of the most exciting digital lecture hall tools is the presenter tracking camera system. Auto-tracking camera systems are designed to provide distance learning or lecture capture, with minimal effort. Pan-tilt-zoom cameras follow the presenter as they walk the presentation area. This technology works efficiently and accurately with a variety of livestreaming services such as Zoom, Google Hangouts and WebEx.

NYAV Crew designs, sells and installs camera systems from a wide range of professional manufacturers

Lecture Hall AV

Educational facilities are as varied as those who attend them, and no two are truly alike. NYAV specializes in custom solutions for schools of all kinds. Lecture Halls, auditoriums, theatrical stages, classrooms and gymnatoriums all have their own specific needs that we can anticipate and provide for. Professional design, installation and maintenance combine for a rock solid audio visual system that will provide years of simple and reliable service.

Zoom Rooms All Hands Space

Selecting a Zoom Certified Integrator is of the highest priority when installing a Zoom Rooms All Hands Space. NYAV will provide you with years of experience in professional AV systems design, and certified Zoom Rooms design.

Zoom all-hands or town-hall meetings are a powerful way to build organizational alignment. Connecting on video with hundreds or even thousands of employees at the same time empowers companies to provide employees with important updates, answer their pressing questions, and create a more cohesive, connected culture.

Traditionally, hosting and organizing these large calls have been challenging and expensive. Zoom Video Webinars provide users with the flexibility and feature set to easily coordinate all-hands calls and create a more effective, informative, and interactive experience.

Attendees can join Zoom Meetings and Zoom Video Webinars in a number of ways, including on their phones, desktop, and in conference rooms. This flexibility simplifies the experience and improves attendance.