House Of Worship

Audio Visual and Web Streaming Systems

Architecturally and acoustically challenging with aesthetic and budgetary concerns. Don’t worry. We are here to help.

NYAV has been working with the religious community for over 20 years, and we have learned a lot along the way. We have dedicated ourselves to the needs of the congregation, and have the experience and expertise to advise and guide you. We know the technology, and we are here to help you.

We understand what your music director wants, what your band plays, how your pastor preaches and what your congregation needs.

Video Streaming and Archiving

Capture and live-stream your Church’s weekly worship services and special events with an affordable, professional solution that is easy for congregational volunteers to use with minimal training. NYAV will take you through the process from consultation, equipment selection, committee budget meetings, installation, training and streaming service account setup.

NYAV will even help your church live stream its very first service!

Multi - Camera Systems

We understand the challenges that a church faces when integrating a live streaming camera system into their space. The need for multiple cameras can create a complex “front end” to the system that places technical demands on the personnel operating the equipment.

This is why NYAV designs multi-camera video streaming and recording systems utilizing touch screen technology. You can control up to six programmable cameras, all via one touch screen.

Live streaming camera systems installed by NYAV are broadcast quality and covered by commercial warranty. Each one is specially designed to meet the needs of your specific church.

We can make streaming and archiving your services easy and reliable!

Video Display

Invite your congregation to join in an immersive worship experience by sending video content from computers and cameras to multiple displays or broadcast a live video stream from the main sanctuary to smaller worship areas such as multi-purpose gyms, chapels, student centers and other similar spaces, displays can support overflow and extend the capacity of the worship service. Services can reach broader audiences and spread the good word even farther!


Houses of worship can range from small, storefront spaces to much larger venues accommodating a wide range of crowds and activities. As you would expect, the complexity and needs of the AV system grow commensurately. From the main sanctuary or auditorium to the lobby and internet viewers, routing the proper audio and video from a wide range of cameras, digital signage players, and more needs to be easy, seamless, and reliable. Live events such as these place even more pressure on the AV system to be able to help distribute the message being conveyed to the congregation.


Atlona’s Opus™ products are the perfect solution for any House of Worship. Comprised of HDBaseT matrix switchers of varying capacity, they provide an unmatched flexibility at a competitive price.

Integrating well with other audio and video equipment, the Opus products permit greater distances over standard CAT6 cables versus standard video wiring. Provisions for audio, video and control enable the flexibility to handle all types of usage from prayer services to meetings – even digital signage needs.

The Opus series family of products are designed to simplify your House of Worship needs.


Superior 4K HDR distribution solution

The Opus Series is a family of HDMI to HDBaseT matrix switchers fully 4K-capable with 4:4:4 color sampling. They’re also equipped with two HDMI outputs in addition to the HDBaseT outputs, providing integration flexibility for a wide range of House of Worship AV integration requirements and signal distribution scenarios.


Audio and Live Music

The right speech doesn’t just inform. It can excite and even transform those who hear it. House of Worship sound systems installed by NYAV are designed specifically for your space, and for your congregation.

As the world of digital mixing and processing advances, the options available to houses of worship running complex services and performances expands. The industry has moved past running bulky analog cables for every instrument and moved to a single network cable allowing dozens of connections from instruments at the pulpit or on the chancel. Mixing is handled by intuitive digital consoles designed with ease-of-use at the forefront. Streamlining the entire process, nearly all digital consoles we sell can be expanded for iPad control, allowing the sound engineer to effectuate the perfect mix from any point in the room.
Pair this with ultra-low interference digital wireless systems, and the configurations now available at lower price-points are innumerable.

With options from industry heavy-hitters such as Behringer, Allen & Heath, Mackie, QSC, Aviom, and others, live sound for your congregation no longer has to be a taxing exercise in additional logistics. Ultimate flexibility means that a system custom designed to your organization is now within reach. Reach out today to find out how we can help your services both sound and run as smoothly as you could imagine.

Improve your sound

Sound Treatment

People attend a house of worship to be inspired, supported and provide answers to their life questions. In a traditional choral based, non-amplified setting, the demands on the acoustical performance of a space can be at odds with each other. While the music requires a lush, reverberant treatment, the spoken word can often be lost in a wash of echo. As congregants grow older and the use of hearing assist products becomes more prevalent, these contrasting needs are intensified. Sound bouncing from hard stone, gypsum, and marble surfaces competes with the echo and reverberant field, smearing the audio making speech intelligibility a challenge for the congregation. The message is lost. Increasing the volume by turning up the PA system only serves to worsen the situation. The room becomes over excited without an escape hatch for the acoustic energy.

Video Wall

As houses of worship increasingly look for ways to engage members and attract new people, many are embracing a more visual approach in their service to inspire participation.

With more emphasis being placed on the entertainment aspects of worship, the cinematic elements of a service are becoming a distinguishing factor. The dramatic imagery provided by digital display technology can complement the sounds of a choir or band, captivating audiences, evoking personal experiences and creating a lasting impact with congregations.


Video wall configuration is accomplished through a web browser and a user-friendly GUI that easily facilitates setup of the display array, as well as display orientation (portrait or landscape) and bezel compensation. Creating a new system from scratch is just matter of a series of menu selections and mouse clicks.

A simple drag-and-drop functionality lets you visually lay out the display array, and then dynamically assign an input source to one or more displays on the video wall.