Eastchester Presbyterian Church

The mission of Eastchester Presbyterian Church is to bring people into the family of God by preaching the Gospel of Jesus Christ. In order to achieve this mission a way to reach congregation members both in the building and all over the world is needed. For this beautiful modern contemporary worship NYAV designed and installed the perfect digital signage, HD projection and multi-camera live streaming systems.

Projection is handled in full HD at 7500 lumens by two NEC projectors mounted on Chief angled ceiling interface brackets shining brightly on dual electric 9’ Dalite screens. For additional displays throughout the church we utilized three 75” UHD 4K Samsung LCD on articulating wall mounts and an Atlona video distribution system extending into both the worship room and the basement recreation room, for congregants that choose not to attend the service from the worship room.

Live streaming is facilitated by 4 Vaddio UHD PTZ Cameras all controlled via a 27” touchscreen monitor recalling presets as quickly as you can tap a thumbnail. Paired with a UHD 21” iMac computer with 2tb of SSD storage, this system will be future-proof for years to come.